Moving office often brings new opportunities, but is always a challenging and costly time.  Involving Protronics with the communications and IT aspects of your office move will help you limit costs, manage risk and disruption, and ensure that you have the right IT and communications in your new offices to underpin your business’ continued success.

We do the technical stuff of course, and do it well, but our focus is on:

  • helping you make the right decisions about what IT and communications you will need immediately after moving into your new offices and for any planned future growth
  • detailing and scheduling the activities need before, during and after a successful office move

It’s common, but not essential, to review communications and IT as part of office moves.  We’re pleased to assist just with the practicalities of moving your existing IT infrastructure from old to new office, but equally can help you review and make sound strategic choices about IT, internet and telephone.

Whether you just need extra technical resource to help your in house IT team, or want to outsource all communication and IT aspects of your office move, we’re happy to help.

Please email us or call and ask to speak to our network team leader, to arrange a FREE initial technical consultation.